Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting

Since 1928, Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting has proven itself to be a leader in the outdoor lighting industry. Specializing in architectural and landscape lighting, Vista designs, manufactures and supplies a wide range of outdoor lighting fixtures, transformers, HID ballasts and lighting accessories.

We rely on Vista products because of their commitment to quality and because of their extensive experience in providing lighting solutions to designers, engineers, architects, distributors and property owners. We know that Vista makes impressive outdoor lighting products that will highlight your home’s features and they have an excellent reputation with contractors like Rainforest Sprinklers & Lighting. 

Benefits of Vista Landscape Lighting:

Whether commercial or residential, keeping your property in top shape is a source of pride. It’s a place where you can relax outdoors and spend time with your family and friends, and landscape lighting can let you enjoy your outside space even after the sun goes down.

  • Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting can use certain products to take different focal points in your yard and make them really stand out. Accentuate your favourite architectural details on your home and enjoy the different textures that aren’t captured in the daylight
  • Outdoor lighting can extend the time you spend outside, allowing you even more time to enjoy your pool, patio or outdoor kitchen
  • Proper use of outdoor lighting can improve security on your property and deter potential intruders by getting rid of shadowy areas
  • Landscaping lighting can increase your safety in your yard by lighting up stairways, walking paths and more to help eliminate tripping hazards
  • A home that is accented with beautiful outdoor lighting often provides more return on investment when it is sold

Why Choose Vista Outdoor Lighting:

  • Each product in the Vista line is made from the highest-quality and most durable materials. Your fixtures, HID ballasts and transformers will be able to withstand the elements from Ontario’s different seasons. Every item produced by Vista is made in their own facilities with quality checks along every step of the way
  • Large fixture selections so that regardless of the shape or size of your property, it’s going to look stunning when it’s lit up at night. You’ll be able to choose from a wide range of fixture styles, finishes, lamps and mounting options to best fit in with the aesthetic of your home
  • Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting has some of the fastest turnaround in the industry. Vista will produce any type of lighting fixture of any style or finish within 24 hours of your order being placed
  • Strong emphasis on customer service. Vista is customer-focused which is why they proudly stand completely behind each product they produce

Outdoor lighting can be the perfect complement to your sprinkler system. Why not showcase the stunning lawn your irrigation system has given you by highlighting its best features?

If you have any questions about Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting products, please contact us today. 

What Our Customers Are Saying:

It is not very often that you can speak so highly of a company that always exceeds your own expectations. But with Rainforest Sprinklers & Lighting it is so easy to recommend them and to be able to count on them. We have used them for both personal and business properties and will continue to use them.

~ Dr. Campbell