Kichler Outdoor Lighting Products

Kichler’s motto is “Lighting that energizes, as well as enhances your life,” and we apply this philosophy to all of the outdoor lighting installations we do at Rainforest Sprinklers & Lighting.

We offer customers in Southwestern Ontario affordable and high-quality sprinkler systems and outdoor lighting solutions. We know that the right type of landscape lighting can transform the look of any property and give you more security and more time to enjoy your yard, even when the sun goes down.

Landscape Lighting by KichlerLandscape Lighting by Kichler

One of the trusted brands that we rely on for our outdoor lighting installations is Kichler. Kichler has been a trusted home product brand since 1938, using a combination of award-winning craftsmanship, unparalleled quality and superior service. The brand offers many styles of landscape and outdoor lighting products that will reflect your personality and the general aesthetic of your property, whether it is residential or commercial. Although we only use Kichler’s outdoor lighting products in the work we do, the brand also makes a wide variety of lighting products for the entire home.

Each item in Kichler’s many product lines comes in different styles, unique finishes, distinctive colours and quality construction. You’ll be able to choose from a diverse amount of outdoor lighting options, including contemporary, transitional or traditional. Each product works to transform light into beautiful and functional works of art in your home and in your backyard.

Landscape Lighting

Kichler’s range of professional landscape lighting will add beauty, character and safety to your home. Choose from an array of path lights, accent lights and deck lights that enhance the unique aspects of each home. You’ll also have the benefit of functionality and peace of mind that comes from a well-lit outdoor space or hardscape design.

Outdoor Lighting

Kichler’s range of outdoor lighting products all bring professional interior design principles to the exterior of your home. Each product encompasses the high-quality fit and finish that you can expect from Kichler and can be placed anywhere from the front of your home to the backyard deck and garden. Each product comes in a variety of sizes and styles to ensure that there is a perfect match for any home. You’ll find items like wall lanterns, hanging lanterns and post top lanterns that will enhance the beauty of any outdoor space.

Outdoor lighting by KichlerOutdoor Lighting by Kichler

Kichler’s commitment to quality is the brand’s greatest competitive advantage to other lighting products and is why at Rainforest we rely on their products to continuously offer our customers the best of the best.

At Rainforest we only use industry leading suppliers in all of our sprinkler and outdoor lighting installations. Please contact us today for more information. 

What Our Customers Are Saying:

It is not very often that you can speak so highly of a company that always exceeds your own expectations. But with Rainforest Sprinklers & Lighting it is so easy to recommend them and to be able to count on them. We have used them for both personal and business properties and will continue to use them.

~ Dr. Campbell