Irrigation System Mid-Season Adjustments

You’ve completed your irrigation system opening early in the season and now you’re enjoying the benefits of your sprinkler system. During the course of the season, adjustments may need to be made to your irrigation system – perhaps your property or landscape has changed or maybe your system isn’t working at its peak form. At Rainforest Sprinklers & Lighting, we’re happy to offer our existing customers mid-season adjustments and give their systems a tune-up.

Irrigation system adjustments London ON

Completing a mid-season adjustment is different from performing regular irrigation system maintenance. Mid-season adjustments are only available to existing or new customers and are included with the cost of your sprinkler system. A mid-season adjustment is necessary to ensure your sprinkler system is running in the best shape possible and ensures that your lawn is getting watered when it needs to be and not sitting un-watered for lengthy periods of time. If you’ve added new trees, bushes or gardens to your property, your watering needs will have changed and a mid-season adjustment is a quick and easy way to address these changing needs.

What We'll Do:

  • Replace old sprinkler heads with new ones
  • Clean sprinkler heads that might be preventing optimal water flow
  • Straighten any sprinkler heads that may be leaning to the side
  • Raise existing sprinkler heads to clear plants, flowers, shrubs and bushes
  • Reposition sprinkler head nozzles to account for changes to your property layout
  • Add drip zones to effectively water smaller areas, like flower beds and vegetable gardens
  • Reprogram your sprinkler system schedule so that your property is watered only when necessary so you can save money and conserve water
  • Add outdoor landscape lighting to illuminate your property and increase the value of your home*

If you need mid-season adjustments made to your sprinkler system, contact us today to schedule an appointment with our technicians. We’ll come to your home or business and complete the irrigation system adjustments in no time at all!

*Please note that installing outdoor landscape lighting is an additional cost

What Our Customers Are Saying:

It is not very often that you can speak so highly of a company that always exceeds your own expectations. But with Rainforest Sprinklers & Lighting it is so easy to recommend them and to be able to count on them. We have used them for both personal and business properties and will continue to use them.

~ Dr. Campbell