How to Properly Mow Your Lawn

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you have a deep appreciation for a good looking lawn. Although our sprinkler systems can help keep your grass looking lush and green, properly mowing your lawn maximizes all the hard work our sprinkler systems do and can make your lawn look even better.

The right way to mow your lawn

So if you’ve ever wondered: Yes, there is a right way to mow your lawn. For starters, keep in mind that mowing your lawn means you’re really just pruning it. By mowing your lawn, the density of the grass will increase and this is what decreases the amount of weeds on your lawn. Most experts will tell you to go with the 1/3 rule when mowing your lawn. The 1/3 rule says that you should never remove more than 1/3 of your grass’ blade length at once. Certain types of grass should be cut to different lengths so be sure to take a close look at this excellent resource on ideal mowing heights to see which length is best for your lawn.

What happens when you over-mow your lawn?

If you miscalculate when it comes to the 1/3 rule, don’t worry. A healthy lawn should be able to withstand a close trim every once in awhile. But if this turns into a habit, your lawn could turn brown and inhibit the grass’ ability to grow. By repeatedly injuring the crown of the blade of grass, it hinders its ability to regenerate and store nutrients. This makes your lawn more susceptible to pests and disease which only make the problem worse.

Lawn mowing tips

  • Mow your lawn when the grass is dry. Grass is less likely to clump together and the blade will be upright.
  • Mow your lawn during cooler parts of the day, like in the morning and evening. This prevents stress on your lawn, not to mention makes the job a lot easier for you.
  • Read your lawn mower’s owner manual. Thousands of people are hurt every year using a lawn mower so make you know how to operate it safely.
  • Make sure your blades are sharp and balanced. This will give your grass a better cut.
  • Change the direction you mow in each time. Grass develops a grain based on the cutting direction and will actually start to lean in that direction naturally.
  • When you’re done, leave your clippings on the lawn so that their nutrients can go back into the soil and keep your lawn looking great.

Have a tip we missed? Let us know!

how to cut your grass

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