How to get rid of brown spots on your lawn

Life is tough for those who take pride in having a lush, green, well-manicured lawn. There are so many things that can thwart their ambitions and drive the harried London, Ontario homeowner to distraction. Like freedom and liberty, the price of a lovely lawn is constant vigilance.

Easily the most dreaded and aggressive enemy of a lawn is dead, yellowing grass and ugly brown spots. These can appear even if it feels like you’ve done everything humanly and scientifically possible to take care of your lawn. There are many possible causes for these brown spots, some of them simple and easy to fix, others more difficult. Here are the top five causes of brown spots on your lawn, and how to correct them. 

  • Mowing damage. Mowing is good for a lawn, it keeps it looking neat. If the mower blades are dull however, they’ll tear and rip at the blades of grass rather than cutting them cleanly. Setting the blades too low will scalp the lawn when encountering bumps. Mower blades should be sharpened at least twice a season, and the mower deck should be set just high enough to avoid the highest spots.
  • Water problems. A poorly drained area will soak the roots and basically drown the grass. Conversely, an area that’s not getting enough water will die too. Filling in low poorly drained areas will solve the former, using a sprinkler system or even an irrigation system will take care of the latter.
  • Over fertilization. Too much of a good thing like fertilizer will quickly lead to brown spots. A spreader should be used to ensure it’s evenly applied, and it shouldn’t be laid down during the hottest parts of the day.
  • Fungus attack. Fungus thrives during warm, humid weather. When it appears, watering should be kept to a minimum and a quality fungicide applied.
  • Dog urine. The nitrogen in a dog’s urine will quickly kill grass. The only solution is to train the dog to go in a designated spot, and if neighborhood dogs are the problem, put up a fence.

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